Jewel Truth

Handcrafted Gold Filled & 14k Gold Fine Jewelry

Welcome to Jewel Truth. We handcraft finest Gold Filled & 14k Gold jewelry which will sparkle your everyday occasions and special moments, so if you are planning to surprise a loved one or want to splurge on yourself, we have everything to offer, from dainty daily wear gold filled rings to minimal & quality one of a kind pieces, made with love and 14k gold.

I am into jewelry making since last 7 years, and JewelTruth is my love and life. I support my small family with this and m absolutely passionate about what I do.

Natural Gemstone Jewelry In 14k gold

14k gold is an alloy, which is a blend of metals with a specific formula. For 14k, we need 14 out of 24 parts (or 58%) to be pure 24k gold and 42% (or 10 parts) to be other metals.

High Polish 14k Gold Filled Band Jewelry

Plain high polished large thick wedding band for her and for him. Man wedding ring, classic unisex cigar band ring. A dainty minimalist statement ring for an everyday stunning look.

Moissanite Jewelry In 14k Solid Yellow Gold

Moissanite is a diamond simulant made of silicon carbide. A diamond simulant is a stone that has a similar appearance to a diamond, but is not a real diamond..

Jewel Truth is my endeavor towards becoming independent & a platform to show my creative side. Along with being a jewelry lover I am also a mom of two lovely kids. So I am a mom who firmly believes in truthfulness and love, so my jewelry speaks the same language.

JewelTruth happily accept all custom orders.


Please feel free to ask any question or suggestion. I entertain all custom orders.

So happy shopping to you and god bless.

With Love
Jewelry Lover | Loving Mother & Wife

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